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About us

Jiangxi Bozhan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in automation research and development. Manufacturing, sales and service as one of the enterprises, combining and absorbing the technology and management concepts of Japan, Germany, Taihai and Hong Kong, are committed to market development. At the same time, they have a group of professional research and development, design and production teams to provide all-round automatic logistics, automotive, electronic and other supporting equipment for domestic new and old customers...

Bo Zhan One-stop Professional Service博展一站式专业服务

Escort provides reliabilityBo Zhan Twenty years

Expo 20 years professional production line and assembly line supporting equipment, planning, design, production, construction, service as one of the manufacturers

The exhibition provides customers with one-stop service of casting process analysis, equipment selection, overall scheme and automation design and manufacture, so that customers can save more time, effort and worry.


Professional teamVery powerful of us

The Expo is equipped with imported or matching equipment according to different requirements of users. It is suitable for various working procedures to ensure the accuracy and quality of castings.

Professional R&D and design team, reasonable equipment structure, more convenient operation, reduce labor costs for customers


Worry free after saleLet you have no worries

Senior experienced engineers provide professional technical guidance to solve the problems you encounter in the production process.

24-hour telephone response, professional customer service at any time to answer

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